The Palestine Papers
NSU Draft Outline of Refugee Issues

Draft outline of Palestinian refugee issues.

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  1.  Basic outline of refugee issues


  1.  Sharing Data and Maps
    1.  Numbers of displaced Palestinians
      1.  Maps of 1967 border areas / final agreed border
      2.  Maps of Israel for restitution purposes


  1.  Negotiation Guidelines
    1.  Application of international laws, including UNGAR 194, to refugee talks
      1.  Comprehensive solution on refugees as basis for end of conflict (i.e., end of refugee problem)


  1.  Definition: which Palestinians will be covered by the agreement on refugees?


  1.  Destination Options for Refugees
    1.  List of return and resettlement locations to be offered to refugees (i.e., repatriation to Israel, return and resettlement to the Palestinian state, local integration in host states, or third country relocation per refugee choice)
      1.  Modalities of return to Israel
        1.  Annual quota and time frame for repatriation
        2.  Status of returnees to Israel
      2.  Will swapped land be included in the list?
        1.  If so, how will the additional territorial swaps be determined?


  1.  Reparations
    1.  Acknowledgement of Israeli responsibility/apology
      1.  Recognition of the rights to return, restitution and compensation
      2.  Modalities for implementing restitution
      3.  Heads of damages for material and non-material compensation
        1.  What types of property losses should be restituted and/or compensated?
        2.  What non-material damages will be compensated? (i.e., pain and suffering and loss of chances due to protracted displacement)
        3.  Compensation modalities for material and non-material claims (i.e., how will losses be calculated and distributed)
        4.  Eligibility of IDPs in Israel and OPTs for reparations and/or other victims of the occupation



  1.  Implementation Mechanism
    1.  Creation of dedicated international mechanism to implement agreement on refugees
      1.  Blueprint for mechanism, including return, resettlement and rehabilitation program and a claims program for property and non-material damages claims
      2.  Contributions to fund for the two programs
        1.  Israel?s financial contribution
        2.  Third state contributions
        3.  Depository for contributions
        4.  Schedule of payments
      3.  UNRWA?s role in the implementation mechanism