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PA Draft Letter to Dayton Re: Organization of Presidential Guard

Draft letter from NSU to Dayton that clarifies the relationship between Presidential Guard and Force 17.  The letter also thanks Dayton for his efforts to improve security at border crossings, and discusses the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza as a result of Israeli non-compliance.

Last Updated:

        June 1, 2006


Lieutenant-General Keith Dayton

US Security Co-ordinator

US Embassy, Tel-Aviv


By Facsimile



Dear Sir,


In response to your inquiry about the relation between the Presidential Guard and Force 17, please be advised of the following:


Both the Presidential Guard and Force 17 are part of Presidential Security, but are separate units with different mandates. Within the chain of command, the Presidential Guard and Force 17 are answerable to the same head of Presidential Security, but neither is subordinate to the other. Both units are answerable to the President in the chain of command going through the head of Presidential Security.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your efforts to improve security at Palestinian border crossings. In that regard we hope you can assist us in addressing the urgent concerns of the Presidential Guard at Rafah at the earliest practical date. For a meaningful success, however, Israel has to comply immediately with its obligations, in particular pursuant to the Agreement on Movement and Access, and the APRC.  Israel still refuses to sign the Customs Protocol that the APRC includes and delays the opening of Karm Abu Salem crossing (Kerem Shalom) for import according to the APRC.


As you are aware, the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is quickly deteriorating and reaching disaster levels. Without the opening of border crossings and the facilitation of movement of goods and people in and out of Gaza, we will be facing a terrible economic and humanitarian crisis very soon. I therefore urge you to use your good offices to pressure Israel to respect and implement its commitments under the agreements.






[It is advisable that this letter come from Dr. Saeb, or an advisor to the President]