The Palestine Papers
NSU Memo Re: Gaza Presentation to the European Union

Memorandum (notes to file) entitled "Gaza Presentation to the European Union," dated June 9, 2004. The memo summarizes main points and comments from meeting with NSU and EU representatives, on topics including: Israeli committees, UN Security Council, EU financial assistance and EU-NSU cooperation. The EU relays its intent to "listen as a partner" and says it is in a good position to interface with the Israelis on behalf of the PA. The EU also informs the NSU of Israeli intentions, including: realizing that Gaza-only actions will not work; to promote intra-Palestinian commerce; enlarge passages between Gaza and Israel; third party security presence. Israel is promoting a system of separation, not integration. The EU says Israel has also indicated it may accept a third party role at Palestinian sea/air ports - an issue the NSU sees as a major priority.

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