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PLO Permanent Status Interests in Jerusalem for MOP
Document entitled "PLO Permanent Status Interests in Jerusalem for MOP," that describes territorial, economic and social interests related to Jerusalem, for PA Ministry of Planning.
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PLO PS interests in Jerusalem for MOP


Palestinian position is based on concrete needs and interests. Jerusalem is of strategic importance to Palestinians, it connects the northern, southern, and eastern regions of the West Bank to, and it is the hub of the main transportation network of the West Bank.  The Jerusalem belt of Bethlehem, Ramallah and East Jerusalem accounts for 35% of Palestinian economic activity and Jerusalem is paramount to the Palestinian tourism sector. Ten percent of the West Bank?s population resides within Jerusalem; daily commuting orbits and there is a need for land to allow for the development and natural growth of East Jerusalem.  If a just and lasting peace to be achieved, Jerusalem, the vital center and future capital of Palestine, must be reconnected to Palestine - territorially, economically and socially.


Territorial interests


1. East Jerusalem as the capital of the future Palestinian state
2. Freedom of movement between East Jerusalem and the West Bank ? for Palestinians, pilgrims, tourists and goods
3. Ensuring no Palestinian Jerusalemites are left on the Israeli side of a future border
4. Palestinians must be able to independently develop their land
5. There must be enough land to allow for the development and natural growth of East Jerusalem
6. The city must be contiguous with integrated access between all parts
7. Control of Muslim and Christian holy sites
8. Preserving the archeological, architectural and historic cultural and heritage sites in East Jerusalem


Economic interests


1. An independent Palestinian tourist industry
2. Establish a fair and efficient border regime between East and West Jerusalem to facilitate the movement of goods and people
3. Freedom to develop economically ? private sector, financial institutions, etc.
4. Establish land ownership and compile registry
5. Transfer of public buildings and infrastructure to Palestinian government control


Social interests


1. Freedom of access for all Palestinians to Christian and Muslim Holy Sites and for Jews to Jewish Holy Sites
2. Enjoying full Palestinian national identity ? application of Palestinian law, right to vote in Palestinian elections, belong to a political party, establish societies etc.
3. Ensuring a, rapid and smooth transition from Israeli to Palestinian control ? health, welfare, education etc.
4. Law and order throughout East Jerusalem for Palestinians and visitors
5. Ensuring reasonable solution for funds paid to Israel for national insurance and healthcare