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PLO Security Plan Unification (Arabic)

The paper sets out the different steps to reform the security apparatus and redefine the role of each component of the forces. This step is taken based on the commitments made in the Road Map.

The Palestine Papers
Document 1: Letter from Dabbas to PM Bakhit Re: Casino Company Tenders

Letter dated August 5, 2007, from Minister of Tourism Osama Dabbas to Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit.  This is a cover letter that tells Bakhit that the Tourism Ministry has already seen tenders for casino licenses by three different companies (Casino Austria/Empire/Oasis).  It states that Dabbas had studied them all and believes “Oasis” to have the best benefits for Jordan.  Not disclosed in this document is the fact that the three companies which submitted bids are financially related to each other.

Jordan Casino Gate
Documents 2-3: Comparison of Casino Companies' Tenders (Attachment to Document 1)

Analysis dated August 5, 2007, that was attached to (Document 1) as a comparison of the three Casino company tenders.  It was also prepared, according to the Jordanian Parliamentary investigation, by staff who were given insufficient time and were unable to comprehend the offers in English.

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 4: Confirmation that Casino Project Falls Under Tourism Ministry's Regulation

Letter dated August 208, 2007, from Ministry of Tourism that bears signatures of all the persons reporting to the National Tourism Council (mostly hotel owners and well known experts on tourism in Jordan). This purportedly notifies them to consider the “Casinos and Go Carts (projects) as falling under the regulation of the Tourism Ministry.” According to the Jordanian Parliamentary Investigation, at least one signatory (Faris al Janadi) stated he signed only after being threatened to do so by a Cabinet Minister.

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 5: Letter from PM Bakhit to Dabbas Re: Granting Dabbas Authorization to Sign Casino Contracts

Letter dated September 10, 2007, from Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit to Minister of Tourism Osama Dabbas. Bakhit is referring to document dated August 5, 2007, stating words to the effect “we received your document that you took a decision that Casinos will fall under your Ministry by approval of the Council.” It goes on to add “WE AUTHORIZE YOU AS THE COUNCIL of MINISTERS TO SIGN THE CONTRACT WITH OASIS.”  This document was hidden from other Ministers, including the Interior Minister.  It was also never published in the National Registry and made available for public inspection, in violation of the law.

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 7: Letter from PM Bakhit Re: Approved Exemption of Lands for Oasis Casino

Letter dated October 31, 2007, from Prime Minster Marouf Bakhit (signed on his behalf by his staff) to the Minister of Water and Irrigation advising him that the Cabinet decided on October 30 to approve the exemption of the lands opposite the pieces of land numbered 61/62/63 in Zone 6 in which an agreement has been signed between the Minister of Tourism and OASIS company (exempts Casino company on Eastern Bank of Dead Sea).

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 8: Letter from PM Bakhit to Dabbas Re: Bakhit's Request for Postponing Casino Contracts

Letter dated November 22, 2007, from Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit to Minister of Tourism Osama Dabbas saying the “Cabinet reviewed the Oasis agreement and the Cabinet has decided in its meeting on the 6th of November to postpone implementation of the above decision until further notice and that in the event of any implementation you must have the approval of the Prime Minister.” Bakhit's personal assistant would later tell investigators that Bakhit ordered the postponement to avoid Islamist backlash ahead of the parliamentary elections.

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 9-10: Outside Legal Opinion Re: Legality of Tourism Council's Negotiations

These papers are seperate legal opinions prepared by outside counsel (respected lawyers named Rabia Hamzi and Saed Kharaji).  Both apparently agreed that its legal for the Council referenced in Document 4 to approve any activity as part of the Ministry of Tourism as long as its published in the public registry (as was supposed to happen according to Document 5). 

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 11-14: Letter from Dahabi to PM Al-Ragheb Re: Casino License Agreements Update


Letter dated April 20, 2003, from Acting Minister of Finance Nader Dahabi to Prime Minister Ali Abu al-Ragheb.  The letter reveals the Government of Jordan had issued two (2) separate Casino gaming licenses on December 19, 2003, while Faisal al Fayyez was Prime Minister. 
Dahabi informs al-Ragheb that in reference to al-Ragheb's letter sent on 20 April 2003, the Council of Ministers decided on 15 April to give authority to Dahabi to negotiate on behalf of the GOJ for a Casino deal with the Iris Corporation for Investment (owned and operated by the powerful al-Masri family). This letter discusses the terms of the GOJ-IRIS agreement. The company designated to subcontract for Iris is listed as Trillium Gaming Inc., a company chaired by a Canadian Senator. 
Jordan Casino Gate
Document 15: Letter from PM Al-Ragheb to Dahabi Re: Authorizing Casino Negotiations

Letter dated May 22, 2003, from Prime Minister Ali Abu al-Ragheb to Acting Minister of Finance Nader Dahabi.  Ragheb tells Dahabi that Dahabi has been given authority in a letter dated April 15, 2003, to negotiate with Iris on casinos; that the Council of Ministers decided on May 20, 2003, to approve issuing licenses to establish and start the hotel and Casino project; and to send all needed documents and to receive all such documents from Iris and Trillium in order to proceed with the agreement. 

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 16: Letter from PM Al-Ragheb to Dahabi Re: Second Casino Project

Letter dated April 20, 2003, from Prime Minister Ali Abu al-Ragheb to Acting Minister of Finance Nader Dahabi. The letters deals with a second casino in Sheikh Hussein Bridge region. It discusses a request from an interested company to establish a free zone near the Sheikh Hussein Bridge specializing in electronic and tourism projects. 

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 17: Letter from Finance Minister Michael Marto Re: Duty Free Zones

Letter dated May 28, 2003, from Minister of Finance Michel Marto to a company called North Entrance. Here Marto says the ministry accepts to establish a “duty free zone” but with the condition that the company respects the laws they establish to regulate it. 

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 18: 2007 Casino License Agreement between GOJ and Oasis Holdings
Note: This is an Arabic COPY of the original, controlling contract in English. 
A Casino Licensing Agreement signed on September 12, 2007, by Minister of Tourism Osama Dabbas on behalf of GOJ, and Oasis Holdings executive Michel Hebert (on behalf of its owner, Shwan al-Mulla), that grants Oasis Holdings a casino license for an initial term of 50 years. 
Jordan Casino Gate
Document 19: 2007 Casino License Agreement between GOJ and Oasis Holdings

A Casino Licensing Agreement signed on September 12, 2007, by Minister of Tourism Osama Dabbas on behalf of GOJ, and Oasis Holdings executive Michel Hebert (on behalf of its owner, Shwan al-Mulla), that grants Oasis Holdings a casino license for an initial term of 50 years.

Jordan Casino Gate
Document 20: 2003 Aqaba Special Economic Zone Gaming Agreement between GOJ and Ayla Corporation

“Aqaba Special Economic Zone Gaming Agreement,” a contract signed on December 19, 2003, by the Government of Jordan (by Nader Dahabi) and Ayla Corporation (by Khaled Masri, nephew of the GOJ Speaker of the Senate). This Gaming Agreement has never been made public. Ayla still owns the Casino licenses, as it is valid for 50 years. Faisal Fayyez was Prime Minister when it was signed and executed. 

Jordan Casino Gate
Sayigh Memo Re: NSU Negotiating Strategy
An outside consultant to the PLO and security expert named Yezid Sayigh offers his advice to the NSU on negotiation strategies for a Palestinian state.The Palestine Papers , 29 September 1999
Procedural Modalities for Palestine-Israel Permanent Status Negotiations

A memorandum by Newe Ilan detailing good-faith procedures for Palestine-Israel Permanent Status Negotiations.

The Palestine Papers , 14 November 1999
Proposed Measures for Security Implementation
The Palestine Papers , 30 November 1999
PLO Talking Points on Security - Meeting with Israeli Delegation

Draft of talking points prepared by the Legal Unit of PLO Negotiating Affairs Department summarizing quotes from both sides regarding agreements and similar/related comments on broad security issues. The document ends by proposing questions to Israeli government regarding the Israeli Security Concerns Presentation.

The Palestine Papers , 01 December 1999
Developing Negotiation Frameworks - The Colonies
First paper (first pass) by Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) in a series of analytical studies evaluating the colonies as regarding preparation of related negotiating strategies. The study discusses the impacts on: Palestinian popluation, economic development and geographical unity. The paper concludes by prioritizing the colonies based on impact.The Palestine Papers , 16 December 1999
Memo Re: PLO Request for International Deployment

A memo on the potential impact of an international security force in the West Bank and Gaza.  The memo recommends that the PLO pursue "civilian-military security units," as this option would offer Palestinians more control over their own security.

The Palestine Papers , 01 January 2000
Palestinian Economic Brief for Mahmoud Abbas

Memorandum by Maher Masri (of PSN Ministry of Economy and Trade) to Mahmoud Abbas outlining, and recommending, three options for suitable phraseology regarding economic relations between Israel and Palestine. The positive and negative consequences of each phrase are weighed in relation to future negotation strategies, with a single option recommended in favor of securing eventual Free Trade Agreements.

The Palestine Papers , Camp David, 27 January 2000
Verification Options for Possible Palestinian-Israeli Peace Accord

This is an outside report on how the international community might monitor an Israeli-Palestinian permanent status deal.  The report provides a thorough review of all related parameters and options for several verification principles.

The Palestine Papers , 05 March 2000
NSU Memo to Dahlan Re: Checkpoints (Arabic)

Dahlan requests the NSU to research the issue of crosspoints between Palestine and Israel, and Palestine, Egypt and Jordan.  The NSU writes back to confirm the exact scope of the request.

The Palestine Papers , 03 April 2000
Letter from Abbas to Ismail Jaber (Arabic)
The Palestine Papers , 16 April 2000
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